WorshipLife.Net is devoted to the study of the way that worship shapes and directs faithful daily life.   It is meant to be a place where all who live the faith, write about its nature, and/or practice ministry may share periodic articles and reflection. 

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At left you will find a variety of resources for our reflection on worship and daily life.  Some relevant and creative web links are being collected.  There is a sample ethnographic interview available to generate insight about connections between worship and daily life in the common parlance of average congregants.  Also, review the bibliography and send along additions that you would suggest to promote our reflection.

As this site grows more detail and information will be included.  

A web log and Yahoo! e-group (at left) have been set up to serve as a meeting place for conversation about the dynamics of worship and daily life. Please join in this free flowing conversation and share your observations and resources!  


The  serigraph above is entitled "The River" by John August Swanson. 

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