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Worship as a Vision-Building Work of God

by Brian R. Paulson

Reprinted from Congregations magazine, winter 2007 (vol. 33, no. 1)with permission from the Alban Institute. Copyright 2007 by The Alban Instiute, Inc. All rights reserved.

This article explores the power of worship to shape, vision, generate change, and announce the activity of God in our midst.

Worship and the Big Aristotle

2000 Brian R. Paulson

This article lightly treats the patterning effects of worship upon daily life.


The articles and proposals set forth here reflect the author's continuing interest in the dynamics of worship that are particularly significant for the shaping of faithful daily life. 

It should be noted that this interest is a secondary concern from the vantage point of Christian faith.  The Christian faith's primary concern in worship is praise of the Triune God.  Yet the question of the usefulness of faith has been a constant interest of those whose task is the promotion of "the good and abundant life" in Christ.

Moreover, this field of inquiry serves as an object of keen interest for cultural anthropologists, ethicists, and those who have come to recognize the unique role which communities of faith have in the general well being of society.  Toward that end, a dialogue with the multiple disciplines that consider the human condition has been a constant interest of the author.

Transforming Keys for Worship

2002 Brian R. Paulson

This is a brief summary of transforming dimensions in worship experience.  These particular dimensions and their constituent dynamics were identified in recent ethnographic research.


In Their Own Words:  A Sample of Research on Worship and Daily Life

1999 Brian R. Paulson

This is an example of the kind of information garnered by the ethnographic interview protocol that is posted at this site.




Above: "KFC: two girls in conversation" by Jacqueline K. Crofton.  Click her art to see more or e-mail her for info.

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Above: "Walking to Church" by Norman Rockwell.  Click to order.

The Context of American Christian Life

2009 Brian R. Paulson

A short article written as a frame of reference while participating in an American ecumenical council.


The Calling of the Church

2009 Brian R. Paulson

A short article written for a recent colloquy of Presbyterian Church, (USA) leaders considering what theological theme most informs our understanding of the Church.


Above: "Supper Call" by Charles Wysocki.  Click here to order.



Leading as an Artisan of Time

2007 Brian R. Paulson

A short piece written as meditation for colleagues upon the gift of pastoral ministry through the lens of measured time.

A Developing Vision of the Seminary

2003 Brian R. Paulson

A brief paper asserting that a seminary prepared to equip the church for the coming century has a clearly defined approach to leadership, a distinctive embodiment of the spiritual life in Christ, and a passion for congregations in their practical witness.



  The Word as Dynamic Guide to Reformed Liturgical Construction

2003 Brian R. Paulson

A brief reflection on the possibility of the ancient and biblical understanding of "Word" as a guide to the way worship is creatively formed today.


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